About Us

Adlistics was created to simplify the ad buying experience by reducing time, stress and money. As seasoned media professionals, we’ve witnessed how innovation through automation and self-service has improved ad buying throughout the industry. We knew there was a better way in the newspaper world too.

We led with innovation

Adlistics is the first buying platform for print and digital newspaper advertising. The platform automates the sales process of one of the oldest and most trusted forms of media, letting advertisers and publishers connect seamlessly. Our mission is simple, reduce the barriers of doing business to enable advertisers and publishers do more business together, while saving everyone time and money.

We are committed to your success

The Adlistics team has invested years of media buying experience to build a robust and turnkey solution for advertisers and publishers. We worked tirelessly to design Adlistics for both first-time media buyers and seasoned agency professionals. Publishers are in control of their listing, letting Adlistics do the work of extending their presence so more advertisers will buy more advertising.

We are your trusted partners

Our senior team is well versed in the media buying business. With nearly 20 years of work together, they know what it takes to reliably deliver innovative media campaigns to large and small clients. Our team is ready to support you throughout your Adlistics experience!