The Easiest Way To Buy Newspaper Advertising

Introducing the world’s first automated buying platform for newspapers

Media buying should be simple. Our self-service platform makes it possible.

We’ve revolutionized newspaper advertising through automation, simplicity and savings. Here’s how it works:

Search for publications

Discover thousands of print and digital publications using the Adlistics search engine.

Build your campaign

Choose your ad sizes, run dates, and quantities based on your campaign’s goals and budget. Then, negotiate rates directly with publishers.

Upload creative

Review creative specs and upload files for publishers to download and approve.

Submit your orders

Simply click the submit button and we’ll send your order directly to the publisher, and you’re done!

Adlistics makes it easier

Adlistics is the first and only platform that gives you the power to easily search thousands of publications, create a custom print or digital campaign and negotiate rates.

Less Work = More Time

Adlistics simplifies the ad-buying experience while providing full campaign management capabilities through an intuitive interface. Eliminate the needless hurdles and headaches through automation.

Real Savings

Your bottom line is a top priority. Adlistics offers competitive rates and the opportunity to negotiate discounts. With no monthly service charges or user fees, you’ll only pay for the ads in your campaign.

Adlistics proudly supports America’s Newspapers and its member publishers.